I grew up in Arkansas with a family that absolutely loved to hunt and fish. As time went on I too have developed  my own passions for the outdoors.  It never gets old for me and I still love every minuted I get to spend on the water. I am fortunate to be have guided on one of the best lakes in  America for over 20 years (Lake Fork). Come and spend a day with me and catch a fish that will be remembered for a lifetime. Thanks for visting..........  Rick

Rick Loomis

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Rick Loomis

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 You've heard the old saying... "Everything is bigger in Texas".

This is especially true when it comes to Lake Fork Bass fishing.

How about the current Texas state record of 18.18 Lbs. And the next four state records of 17.67 Lbs, 17.64 Lbs, 17.63 Lbs, and 17.23 Lbs which all came out of Lake Fork. Currently 34 of the top 50 Largemouth Bass in Texas came out of Lake Fork.

Lake Fork is located in the  beautiful East Texas pine country. 90 miles east of Dallas and 17 miles south of Sulphur Springs.

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Bring a friend and enjoy a day of fishing on the 'GREAT' Lake Fork.

Catch a bass of a lifetime with the best guide on the best lake in Texas. Lake Fork!

Lake Fork is near full and the spring bite is on!  Lets go fishing!