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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Professional Lake Fork Guide Rick Loomis
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Have you ever heard the old saying that everything is BIG in Texas. Well not everything unless you are talking about Big Bass- - 18.18 lbs. 17.67 lbs, 17.64 lbs, 17.63 lbs, 17.63 lbs, 17.29 lbs, 17.08 lbs. These are the Top Six Bass in the State of Texas as of August 1st, 2000, and Guess What, they were all caught on Lake Fork! It takes a fish over 15 pounds just to be in the Texas Top 50 and 34 (68%) of the Texas Top 50 came from Lake Fork. The AVERAGE Top 50 bass caught on Lake Fork weighs a whopping 16.14 pounds. On Lake Fork, most folks don't even raise an eyebrow hearing of an eight or nine pound bass being caught!

OK, so now you know on which lake you'll have a chance at the bass of a lifetime, but when is the best time to be here on Lake Fork? According to the 4/29/2003 Top 50 list, here are the number of bass caught on Lake Fork based on which month they were caught:

Month #Fish Average
Month #Fish Average
January 1 18.18 July 1 16.00
February 9 16.35 August 2 16.50
March 10 15.85 September 2 15.43
April 4 15.96 October 0 0
May 4 15.87 November 1 17.67
June 0 0 December 0 0

As you can see, February and March have produced the most numbers of trophy bass (56% of total) and these months are also the busiest here on the lake. I highly recommend that if you are planning a trip in the spring, you make plans and reservations early. But as you can also see from the chart, BIG bass are caught here year round.

Of the over 360 bass that have been entered in the Texas ShareLunker Program an incredible 217 (58.65%) have come from Lake Fork. In 2004, six of the fifteen bass entered into the ShareLunker Program were caught on Lake Fork! Many people believe the next world's record bass lives in Lake Fork. If you want the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime, doesn't it make sense to fish where the big one's live?

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Let's Go fishing!

Rick Loomis
Charter Member of Lake Fork Sportsman's Association
"Fish Friendly"

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